Canadians at SoCap09

This year, there’s a sizeable Canadian contingent off to SoCAP09 in San Francisco. We’re committed to sharing our experiences in social finance with the international audience in attendance, as well as being connected to the Canadian community through blogs and twitter.

“If you want to be part of making business make money and make a difference, if you want to invest for financial return and creating a better world, you want to be at SOCAP09. ” – SoCAP.

“SoCAP 08 was a milestone in North America’s social finance movement. A genuine convergence of financial markets, changemakers and the social sector. This years event will surely take that momentum to another level.”,  Michael Lewkowitz (SoCAP 08 participant)

Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National is taking advantage of this opportunity to participate in North America’s premier social finance conference to convene participating Canadians one day prior to it, August 31st, in San Francisco. CAUSEWAY, a program of SiG National and SiG@MaRS is planning an interactive, informative and strategic day with fellow Canadians and key US counterparts to reinforce Canadian momentum towards building a social finance marketplace.

The Canadian delegation will include over 30 representatives from the BC Provincial Government, banking and investment sector, foundations, and non-profit organizations from across the country. The list of organizations attending the “Canadian Day” on August 31st, 2009 include:

Better the World
BC Government, MHSD
Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion
Community Foundations Canada
Community Living BC
2010 Legacies NOW
Ontario Association of Food Banks
SIFT Everything
Social Capital Partners
Social Innovation Generation
TIDES Canada
Wellesley Institute
Vancity Community Foundation

The objective of the “Canadian Day” is two-fold. Firstly, to provide targeted content relevant to the Canadian landscape through a panel representing US and Canadian private sector leadership and to generate informed discussion from the Canadian delegates. The second goal is to build cohesion as we engage with the conference as a whole and provide engagement opportunities amongst the delegates to advance a Canadian agenda.

Stay connected to SoCAP and the Canadian delegation through the following avenues:


Social Finance
Wellesley Institute



If you’d like to add your name to the list of participants, or your site/twitter id to the list above, leave a comment below, or contact us.

There’s more Canadian representation than simply the folks above – also follow these guys:

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