Don’t Miss GreenEdge 2011 – Business in Balance

Every year the Schulich School of Business Net Impact chapter organizes a one-day conference that brings together students, alumni and professionals to share knowledge, build networks, and develop skills in the various fields related to sustainability. GreenEdge 2011 will feature presentations and panels led by specialists in the areas of socially responsible finance, social entrepreneurship, good governance and green supply chains, among others.

The conference will be divided up into three concentrated ‘streams’, with three topical panels under each stream:

Products and Operations

  • Greening the Supply Chain: A lean, green supply chain will save an organization money, reduce emissions and improve relations with customers and suppliers.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Knowing where your product comes from and that no one has been exploited in its manufacture is increasingly important for consumers today.
  • Life-cycle Analysis: Assuming a take-make-waste style of production is not a solution in a future of constrained raw materials and higher energy costs. How can we assess the full impact of the products we consume and what will this mean for production processes?

Community and Finance

  • Impact Investing: Choosing how we invest can have a tremendous positive impact on our society.  This panel will take a closer look at various examples of socially responsible investing in the retail investing and venture capital sectors.
  • Business and the Public Good: Exploring the role of business in delivering goods and services to low-income communities. Panelists working in housing finance and Aboriginal economic development will discuss effective business models for providing services.
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Building a social purpose into a business. Our speaker, Harry French of OSEA, will discuss his work in renewable energy, community development and social entrepreneurship.

Business with Integrity

  • Business Ethics: As corporations play an ever more critical role in a globalized world, it is essential that good governance plays a critical role in corporations.
  • Green Marketing: More and more corporations are turning to green marketing for the promotion of their green products and services. What tools and knowledge must customers, marketers and the manufacturers themselves develop in order to navigate the waters of buying and selling green products and services?
  • Extractive Industries and Stakeholders: Ensuring healthy relations with stakeholders is an increasingly important aspect of managing resource extraction projects.

For a full description of the panels and a list of speakers, please visit here.

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