Social Finance Round Up: The Globe and Mail Continues Its Coverage of Social Finance produces a weekly round up featuring social finance related news, insights, job openings, and events. We source the content for these round ups from Twitter, an RSS reader, and directly from our community of social finance practitioners. Below is our round up for the week of April 4, 2011.

Last Week on

Laura Stavro-Beauchamp posted Re:Vision 2011 Recap 

Patrick Cheung posted Wokai Toronto Unveils “The Road Untraveled”, A Photography Exhibition for Microfinance in China

Jocelyn Ling posted The Crowdfunding Awakening: Human Connection Meets Social Finance

Natalie McFarlane posted Legal Structure and Strategy in the Context of Social Finance: Build It N’ Flip It

Canadian and International News

Tara Perkins published Governments look to boost charity financing in the Globe and Mail

Hugh Wheelan published Canada’s Ontario to oblige pension funds to disclose ESG in new SIPP rules in Responsible Investor

Paul Tullis described Bloomerg’s Push for Corporate Sustainability in Fast Company

Liam Black posted about Friends of Grameen, and what really counts in social enterprise in Social Enterprise Live

Amy Domini posted Want to Make a Difference? Invest Responsibly in the Huffington Post

Naomi Smith posted A SOCAP introductory story in the official SOCAPEurope blog

Jennifer Valentino-DeVries published Group Looks to Team Tech Executives with Nonprofits in the Wall Street Journal

Social Finance Learning and Best Practices

Ontario Business Report published Social Entrepreneurs: Remaking the World, profiling social entrepreneurship in Ontario and the role of SiG@MaRS in driving it.

Camille Jensen described McConnell Foundation’s Strategy to Promote Social Finance in Axiom News

Matthew Kiernan posted Impact investing 2.0 – time for a new approach! in Responsible Investor

Joe Brewer posted Why Crowdfunding Isn’t Really About Money in Chaotic Ripple

Recent Discoveries


Responsible Investor

Upcoming Events

Canadian Task Force on Social Finance Webinar: What Role Can the Community Sector Have in Advancing the Recommendations? (Toronto, ON)
April 5, 2011, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Tim Draimin on Social Finance: Its Promise and Its Challenges (Toronto, ON)
April 7, 2011, Rotman School of Management, 5pm – 7pm

The Best (and Worst) Practices of Social Finance (Toronto, ON)
April 8, 2011, MaRS Discovery District, 12pm – 1:30pm

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