TweetChat: Social Finance and the Federal Election

Throughout the past few weeks, many issues have been discussed on the election campaign trail – health care, support for the elderly, corporate taxes, and more. Government spending has certainly been a talking point as well. Unfortunately, social entrepreneurship and social finance have been missing from the conversation.

Please join our TweetChat below, starting at 2:00 PM ET (11:00 AM PT). You can also participate through Twitter, using the hashtag #sofinance. The conversation will be underway for an hour, covering the following agenda:

  • Framing: How can/should public policy activate our social finance and social entrepreneurship agenda?
  • Platform Review: Where do each of the parties sit on social finance?
  • Potential: What is the likelihood of our recommendations/proposals being adopted by government? 
  • Policy Impact: How can the social finance community activate to create a policy impact?
  • Engagement: How can we engage the parties and public to get this into the debate or government agenda?

We look forward to seeing your ideas and thoughts about how financing social entrepreneurship can become part of the national political agenda!

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