Video: How Do You Identify High-Impact Social Entrepreneurs?

The Africa Platform 2010 conference focused on the SME finance gap (the “Missing Middle”), featuring expert panels of investors, intermediaries and entrepreneurs discussing the challenges and innovations of operating within this space. The Missing Middle represents the segment of capital which is larger than microfinance, yet smaller than institutional financing, and is largely absent in emerging markets. Financing targeted at small to medium enterprises (SMEs) is the next wave of capital development following microfinance, with the potential to create significant social impact as well as competitive market rate returns. In this video, impact investors were asked about how they identified successful entrepreneurs to support. Stuart Yasgur (Managing Director of Social Investment Entrepreneurs at Ashoka), Andreas Widmer (Co-Founder, SevenFund), and Joel Montgomery (Director of International Expansion, Endeavor) talked about their methods.



We invite you to share your thoughts about this video below. How does this fit with your work? What are your best practices for choosing high-impact social entrepreneurs?

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