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Todd Skene posted Inaugural Meetup: Canadian Global Impact Investing Group on July 13, 2011

Nabeel Ahmed posted Video: Willy Foote of Root Capital at TEDxBYU on July 15, 2011

Canadian and International News is convening the Canadian Delegation at SOCAP 11 again this year! Social Capital Partners brings together 1200+ leading thinkers and practitioners from across North America and abroad to discuss trends and opportunities tied to fields of impact investing, social entrepreneurship and social innovation.  This year, themes cover social innovation design, capital and philanthropy. Canadian guests also receive a special discount on the SOCAP ticket through SocialFinance: use the promo code SocialFinance25. Participants in the Canadian delegation @ SoCap11 will include a cross-section of government, finance, philanthropy, and social enterprise professionals. Please register on or before August 15, 2011. We look forward to seeing you there!

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) announced its first CEO, Luther Ragin, Jr. (Press Release)

British MP, Graham Allen, launched a report on “Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings”. The report highlights how youth and family programs can be funded using existing resources and new non-government money. (Download full report, PDF) (Cabinet Office, UK)

SJF Institute partnered with California-based Investor’s Circle, a network of angel investors, with plan of opening a greater horizon of investment opportunities for both parties. (Triangle Business Journal)

Professor Yunus met with French finance leaders in Paris to discuss microfinance and “social business”. The meeting launched an International Working Group on Microfinance, in preparation for the G8/G20 Summit to be held in Cannes later this year. (Business Ghana)

Marketplace intelligence used to index the performance of social enterprises in the UK using The RBS SE100 Data Report 2011. This is the second year of the SE100 Index, and is used to track and scale the success of social enterprises over time. (Social Enterprise Live)

The RBS SE100 Data Report 2011 showcases enormous growth in social enterprise market. Top 100 fastest growing enterprises grew by 91%, compared to an average of 79% last year. (Social Enterprise Live)

Global banking software company, Temenos, launches new cloud platform for accessing affordable finance in emerging markets. This builds off of the previous technology of Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform. (Market Watch)

Organizations practicing social responsibility outperform those with low CSR through higher stock performance, says recent report. (Financial Director)

London-based law firm, Bates Wells and Braithwaite, is leading the campaign to push government to establish legal and regulatory framework for social investment. A template letter was released for stakeholders to use if they wish to send their support. (Civil Society)

The top opportunity in microfinance is financial education, according to a new Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI) report. Lack of financial literacy seen as leading obstacle. (Press Release)

Social Finance Learning and Best Practices

Sir Ronald Cohen published the second part of his essay on impact investing, reiterating that ‘social enterprise and impact investment could dramatically change the mindset and role of the social sector in the way that venture capital and business entrepreneurship did in mainstream business in the 1980s and 1990s’. Read Part 1 here. (Reuters)

A research report by ClearlySo was launched in London, providing insight into “Investor Perspectives on Social Enterprise Financing”. (Download PDF)

Erik Wallsten and Santiago Alvarez of ADOBE Capital share their “8 Lessons for creating an impact investing fund.” Lessons are based off personal experience with pitching to global investors. (Next Billion)

What’s a do-good company – do those really exist? (Yes, they do – B Corps!)How can you support corporate good? Alyce Lomax has answers. (DailyFinance)

Anjali Deshmukh explains how there are greater restrictions on using revenues for nonprofits, and the attendant cash flow problems that nonprofits must be wary of. (Nonprofit Finance Fund)

Finding funding for social entrepreneurs may not be the tough part– it’s finding the right investors who believe in your innovation, says Mexico-based financial intermediary, Finestrella. (Beyond Profit)

What are the top skills needed for impact investing? To start is the ability to bridge together social sector knowledge and financial skills in new, dynamic ways. (The Money in the Middle)

Parting from the practice of CSR will create more sustained and profitable businesses over time, argues Marc Gunthur, contributing editor of FORTUNE. Companies must rethink their purpose incorporating creativity, passion and key relationships into their core. (Sustainable Business Forum)     

UK MP, Graham Allen, receives feedback from Matthew Vincent on his plan to implement tax Incentives as means of breaking down barriers to social investing. (Financial Times)

How should you engage with big businesses to improve your social enterprise? Seven experts offer their advice. (The Guardian, Social Enterprise Network)

The private sector is expressing more interest in impact investing, says Michael Bear, Lord Mayor of the City of London. However, a problematic gap exists between the demands of investors and supply of social enterprises. (The Guardian, Social Enterprise Network)

Josh Cleveland bats for the long-term single bottom line: double and triple bottom lines are good for measuring short-term returns, but either create “murky decision-making” or end up converging to a single bottom line in the end. (Next Billion)

Recent Discoveries

An OpenIDEO Challenge: How to use social business to improve health in low-income communities? Winning Concepts announced July 25th.

Upcoming Events

Panel: “Pursuing Profit and Purpose: The Debate in California’s Statehouse and What it Means for Us”
Free Admission; July 21st, 2011, San Francisco

Acumen 101 by Toronto for Acumen
August 2, 2011, Network Orange, 221 Yonge Street, Toronto

SOCAP 11: At the Intersection of Money and Meaning
September 6-9, 2011, Ft. Mason Centre, San Francisco

Workshop: Call for Participation:”Socially Responsible Investment and Canadian Extractive Industries”
September 10-11, 2011, University of British Columbia (UBC)

Impact Investing Summit
September 20-21, Washington D.C.

International Forum on the Social and Solidarity Economy (FIESS) (Program)
October 17-20, 2011, Palais des congres, Montreal


Social Innovation Generation (SiG) at @ MaRS is looking for a Manager, B Corporation and Social Impact Metrics to manage B Corporation business development and impact metrics activities at Social Innovation Generation (SiG) at MaRS

Rise Asset Development is looking for a Loan Officer and Community Relations Officer on a six-month contract (with possible extension). Rise Asset Development, with the support of the Rotman School of Management and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, provides micro-financing and mentorship to men and women living with mental illness and addiction. [PDF]

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