Video: The ClimateSpark Social Venture Challenge

With the ClimateSpark Launch Gala taking place this week, and the announcement of the Toronto Community Foundation Green Innovation Award, it’s only natural that this week’s Video is the one played at the glittering event on Wednesday night.

Missed the overview post a few days ago?* Don’t worry. Jason Wagar of Toronto Community Foundation, Eli Malinsky of the Centre for Social Innovation, and Julia Langer of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund are the best people to explain what the ClimateSpark Social Venture Challenge was and what happened over the last several months. This excellent video by the folks at will help to give you a strong sense of how this process played out.

“The climate crisis really needs absolutely every brain molecule we have, and every iota of energy and enthusiasm.” Jula Langer, Toronto Atmospheric Fund

*If you’re interested in reading more about the event, you can start off with the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario’s thoughts, as well as this overview of the Centre for Social Innovation’s contribution . The ClimateSpark team was understandably happy, and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund also posted a celebratory blog post.

We invite you to share your thoughts about this video below. Have you been a part of the ClimateSpark journey over the past few months? Were you at the Gala last week? What did you think?

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