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Today, SOCAP returned to Europe – this time with no less ambitious a goal than designing the future itself. The speaker list and schedule have been out for several weeks now, and over 400 people will be thronging Malmo University, Sweden, enjoying the event live. Here at, we’ll be covering the event both online and in person through Jonathan Sundqvist, whose expertise lies in covering CSR issues. Watch out for his posts over the next few days.

SOCAP has been around for several years now, playing a critical role in connecting players in emerging social impact markets – as well as those who have been espousing and practicing related values for many years, but were isolated from one another.

However, the organizers are clearly not resting on their laurels – they’ve taken the event to another level. While there is the usual mix of debates, sharing research and hands-on practical sessions, this is ‘a high concept SOCAP‘ as convenor Kevin Jones puts it, tackling systemic issues that require deep thought and analysis.

With austerity settling in everywhere, public-private partnerships are a natural theme to explore, as are inclusion and social cohesiveness – often the greatest victim of spending cuts. At the same time, the climate remains one of the greatest challenges of the current era. We don’t, and may never, have all the answers to these problems. But we do know that scaling social enterprises will be a part of the solution.

The focus on the biosphere economy is especially intriguing for us, as Canada increases its reliance on exploiting natural resources to drive the economy. It’s important to understand how we can reach a ‘safe operating space’ for humanity and learn how to invest with the whole planet in mind.

Many of our readers are probably not in Malmo today – but never fear, you can follow events through the hashtag #SOCAPdtf on Twitter.

Don’t like following lots of small text updates and prefer video? Never fear – SOCAP has set up a livestream as well – all sessions in the main plenary hall (D138 on the schedule) will be streamed live and made available on the SOCAP channel. While you’re watching SOCAP from your desk across the world, you can flip through the program book as well.

Excited? So are we. So here’s a nice little video to get you started:

SOCAP – SST12 from OurCommonGoal on Vimeo.

Photo credit: SOCAPMarkets on Twitter.

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