Highlights of the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference: SRI+20 The Future of Investing

Over the last few days, Montreal hosted Canada’s largest annual responsible investment conference, the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference: SRI+20 The Future of Investing.

The conference was organized by the Social Investment Organization, in partnership this year with the Finance and Sustainability Initiative, organizers of the intensive sessions. The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing hosted a session on impact investing and mission-related investing, and helped convene the final panel discussion of the conference, which was also on impact investment in Canada.

The conferece was attended by a large number of investment managers, wealth advisors, and investors, along with academics, corporate sustainability managers and other leaders in the field of socially responsible investing.

As expected, there were plenty of interesting conversations and thoughts; SocialFinance.ca has pulled together most of them in the Storify below. Go to the bottom (page will automatically load) and scroll up to see the latest updates (most recent at the top).

In time, we will also be releasing some videos taken at the conference – stay tuned to SocialFinance.ca!

Canadian Responsible Investment Conference

Canada’s annual summit on socially responsible investment – SRI+20 The Future of Investing, Montreal 2012

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SocialFinance.ca was at the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference this year, held in Montreal between June 18-20, 2012.

Flip through the many thought-provoking conversations that people have had over the last few day. If you missed them all, scroll all the way to the bottom and go up (tweets below are in reverse chronological order).

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"Those who feel environmentalism is strong guide post of the future, green growth is one of biggest things in past 10 yrs." – PM #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Talk to gov’t about social enterprise. Difficult to convince but its their job. Had I been approached we would’ve done more. -PM #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Paul Martin #riconf2012 If a push for green growth came from the investment community it would be impossible to resist. http://pic.twitter.com/NPjQzhxPCBERN
#riconf2012. Very clear that Paul Martin believes in SRI’s & sees it as essential to Canada’s growth & prosperityBetty-Anne Howard
RT @ZoeCaron: Q to Martin: Your opinion on oil sands? A: Yes. Economic asset. Must operate environmentally responsible way & have enviro regs. #RIconf2012Sylvain Marcoux
For those who do not know about the CAPE fund that the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin so passionately speaks about: http://www.capefund.ca/en/about-capefund.html #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Paul Martin talks about the CAPE fund,which provides financing for Aboriginal enterprises-an impact investment #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
#riconf2012 Paul Martin – We are making it impossibe for aboriginals to succeed in school & businessBetty-Anne Howard
Paul Martin: the number one problem is the state of Aboriginal population #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Rt Hon Paul Martin says that for free market to survive, we need to watch pay gaps between execs and average people #riconf2012Corporate Knights
I believe in free markets but they won’t survive without addressing the gaps -a conversation with former PM Paul Martin #riconf2012Erin Poeta
RT @ZoeCaron: We provide tax incentives all the time. Why not provide the same to people seeking to create social good & enterprise. -P Martin #RIconf2012Andrew Balfour
#riconf2012 Paul Martin says we glorify entrepreneurs in this country why not social entrepreneurs?Betty-Anne Howard
If the free market wants to survive, it’s going to have to recognize its greater responsibility – Hon. Paul Martin #RICONF2012GIR Inc.
Height of socially responsible investment happened during WWII: coming together to create a better Canada. -Rt. Hon. Paul Martin #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Final session at #riconf2012: Hon. Paul Martin on social finance and the importance of social entrepreneurship #impinv #socentSocialFinance.ca
A Conversation with Former Prime Minister Paul Martin
Enjoy lunch and an informal talk with the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Martin will share his views on the role of the investment industry in meeting the social and economic challenges of the times. In conversation with Gary Hawton, CEO of Meritas SRI Funds, Mr. Martin will touch on a number of themes, including sustainable, aboriginal and impact investment.
Good note from the floor: Social responsible investment options should *always* be proposed to every client, esp in group RRSPs. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
$530 billion currently in Socially Responsible Investments in Canada as of 2010. That’s encouraging. Thanks to those investors. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
#riconf2012 91% investors interested in SRI’s when a guarantee of capital protection is provided – can do – now with Std LifeBetty-Anne Howard
World needs $5 trillion investment by 2020 to be in any realm of safe range on climate change. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-04-25/climate-goals-require-5-trillion-investment-by-2020.html via @tomrand #riconf2012Zoë Caron
No trade off on social impact at Resilient Capital http://bit.ly/rD9cJQ.SocialFinance.ca
Big challenge. How do you measure impact. sparks discussion @ #RIconf2012 . New tools. http://giirs.org/, http://bit.ly/h7Aas,SocialFinance.ca
Measuring the social impact of an investment is still a challenge for the #sri community #RICONF2012GIR Inc.
Priscilla Boucher, choose where you bank. It makes a difference as to how you achieve blended value #RIconf2012SocialFinance.ca
Myopic to view the free externality as free forever. It’s not a tradeoff. It’s an investment. Need adult conversation. -@tomrand #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Tom Rand. No trade off 4 soci/finance trade off. Carbon reduction lots of opportunities. Cost of energy 2 bottom line #RIconf2012SocialFinance.ca
Tom Rand built hotel in downtown Toronto & cut its emissions 75%. Is wealthier because of it. http://theplanettraveler.com/ #RIconf2012 via @tomrandZoë Caron
What preconditions exist for a secondary market in social finance in Canada. An integrated market , #RIconf2012SocialFinance.ca
A: This is still a perception (social vs financial tradeoff), unfortunately. Not necessarily true, according to expert panel. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Q: "Is there a tradeoff between financial and social returns?" (Um, if there was, wouldn’t no one want those financial returns?) #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Priscilla Boucher, Assiniboine Credit Union on stage SRI+20 . Financial inclusion includes banking 4 financial & social return #riconf2012SocialFinance.ca
FYI to all – A great resource on climate change & energy solutions is @tomrand’s site: http://www.tomrand.net/ (& his book) #riconf2012Zoë Caron
http://marsvf.com/ #riconf2012 with MaRS as a partner the fund has an advantage to get early stage cleantech to the market..SocialFinance.ca
"We need to be decoupling carbon emissions and economic drivers." And this is finally happening in Canada stats show. – @tomrand #riconf2012Zoë Caron
"Climate disruption is a problem so large that we are unable to have a real conversation about it at federal level." – @tomrand #riconf2012Zoë Caron
#riconf2012 – Tom Rand – MaRS Cleantech Fund $30M http://marsvf.com/ Solve a big problem (climate change) get a big rewardSocialFinance.ca
There is a need for intermediaries in impact investing; the financial instruments are there -Marg Mendell, Concordia #riconf2012Erin Poeta
Margie Mendell, takes us through the 100 year history of social responsible finance #riconf2012 -social innovation in finance.SocialFinance.ca
Christine Bergeron, Vancity Impact needs to be integrated into all investments, not a stand alone. SRI+20 #riconf2012 -SocialFinance.ca
Lots of activity on #riconf2012 – tweets from the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference in MontrealSIO
Venture Deli leads a talk on impact investing with Vancity, Mars, Concordia and Assiniboine #riconf2012Erin Poeta
Great panel coming up at #RIconf2012: C Bergeron (@vancity), T Rand (@tomrand) Dr. M Mendell (@Concordia), & P Boucher on impact investing.Zoë Caron
Impact investing =Investments intended to create positive impact beyond financial return …er, shouldn’t all investments do so? #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
A New Stage of Growth: The Difference Impact Investment Makes
Impact investing in Canada has entered a new stage of growth over the past year. This panel will address the continuum of impact investing in Canada; from capital formation for investment to the differences being made in communities.
This session has been made possible by our Impact Investment Partners, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing and Assiniboine Credit Union
#riconf2012 Responsible investment is a journey & not a destination Roland Lescure Vice-President & CIO of the Caisse de depot in QuebecBetty-Anne Howard
The Importance of ESG Considerations in 21st Century Pension Management
Roland Lescure, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, will speak on how environmental, social and governance factors impact pension management. The moderator for this session will be Hugh Wheelan, Managing Editor of Responsible Investor.
Last day of the Canadian summit on socially responsible investment. Presented by Desjardins. Follow it at #riconf2012. http://bit.ly/N9tRjODesjardins
Gary Hawton wins SIO Distinguished Service Award at Canadian Responsible Investment Conference #riconf2012Doug Watt
#riconf2012 sucheta rajagopal, gary hawton, kevin ranney, peter chapman noMinated for #sri awards and #sio’s eugene ellman gets std ovationJean-Francois Parent
#riconf2012. Looking forward to the awards dinner tonight & honouring all of the nominees for the SRI Distinguished Service Award.Betty-Anne Howard

Dinner and SRI Distinguished Service Award
The dinner will conclude with the presentation of the third annual SRI service award, to be given to an outstanding member of the Canadian SRI community.

Our SRI Story: Telling the story of Socially Responsible Investing in Canada through the stories of its pioneers

On my mind… "The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around." – Gaylord Nelson #RIconf2012 #truthZoë Caron
Eugene Elleman thanks #PRI Chair for joining #riconf2012 from Rio. 200+ participants for the session in Montreal. http://pic.twitter.com/T1VKUfiPCBERN
To those at #RIconf2012, here is the most recent version of the Rio+20 document Engshuber is talking about: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/jun/19/rio-20-weakened-draft-agreement?newsfeed=true #Rioplus20Zoë Caron
#riconf2012 good to hear that insurance companies are signing on to PRI & ESG will be factors in risk assessment for underwriting BIG STEPBetty-Anne Howard
Still in "The Future We Want" text: Clause asking governments to require sustainability reporting from all companies. #Rioplus20 #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Videolink via #Rio+20 Wolfgang Engshuber #PRI Chair, insurance, transparency, functional carbon market, water, food key issues. #riconf2012CBERN
#riconf2012 Wolfgang Engshuber from Rio de Janiero attending Rio+20 Earth Summit & how the Summit will impact Sustainable & Responsible InvBetty-Anne Howard
Great to have an update from Wolfgang Engshuber live from #Rioplus20 on the Earth Summit & parallels to responsible investment. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
PRI and the Future of Investment
Wolfgang Engshuber, Chair of the Principles for Responsible Investment, joins the conference by videolink from Rio de Janiero, where he is attending the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Wolfgang will talk to us about about developments at Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and how the Earth Summit will impact on sustainable and responsible investment. He will be interviewed from Montreal by Hugh Wheelan, Managing Editor of Responsible Investor.
Canadian Responsible Investment Conference Update: Sustainable investing seen as megatrend http://bit.ly/KKrpBU #riconf2012Doug Watt
@Vancity’s top option investment fund: No mining companies, no oil sands, no gold, 100% Canadian –> "Monthly Investment Fund". #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Vancity asked Enbridge to detail how they intend to mitigate major pipeline opposition. "Miitigate"? How about "get consent"? #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
There’s a legal risk from First Nations, @Vancity says, who will not allow the Northern Gateway pipeline to be built. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Women delegates outnumbering men 2:1 at the Extractive Sector Corruption Risk in Emerg Markets session at #riconf2012Tara Zajac
Approach to empowering #green consumers as advocates for a brand + integrating social media as a way to market #SRI products #riconf2012CBERN
”Les produits vert rivalisent maintenant avec les produits traditionnels sur les marchés.” – Jacquelyn Ottman #riconf2012Desjardins
What are opportunities for SRI advisors? Demonstrate credibility,segment customers & build products accordingly #riconf2012 #sri #impinvSocialFinance.ca
.@methodtweets,a B Corp,just got a shout out for customer engagement as a socially responsible company #riconf2012 #sri #impinvSocialFinance.ca
"Two twenty-somethings in their apt in 1999" created a sustainable people-focused cleaning product: Method, says JO #RIconf2012 @methodtweetZoë Caron
Great lunch keynote underway by Jacqueline Ottman on how financial advisors can tap into sustainable consumerism #riconf2012 #sriSocialFinance.ca
#riconf2012 Get rid of the daisies & the wind turbines focus instead on the added value of SRI’s Green Marketing Jacqueline OttmanBetty-Anne Howard
The New Rules of Green Marketing for Advisors
Enjoy lunch and a stimulating talk by one of the leading experts in green marketing in the US. Jacqueline Ottman, sought-after speaker and author of The New Rules of Green Marketing, will talk about how financial advisors can tap into the growing landscape for sustainable and socially responsible consumerism.
#1 reason that people want a Prius in the US is what it says about the person you are: good. (US polling) – Jacqueline Ottman #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
It’s important to keep the financial instruments easy to understand,so that you know your investments are real-Priscilla Boucher #rionf2012SocialFinance.ca
"$290 billion US market for green consumer goods & growing. And the deep-green ones are being bought by the big corps." – Ottman #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
#riconf2012. 83% of U.S. Adults like being green Jacqueline Ottman Kermit the Frog won’t be so lonely anymore!Betty-Anne Howard
Puma & PWC lead on developing a measurements for figuring out their environmental impact & natural capital. http://www.pwc.co.uk/sustainability-climate-change/issues/environmental-p-and-l-helps-companies-better-understand-their-exposure-to-natural-capital-risks.jhtml #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Stop thinking of "impact investing" as a separate stream. It all has an impact. You can choose what the impact of your money is. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Agreed, @ZoeCaron, IMO in both investing and nature, diversity creates resilience and adaptive capability #RIconf2012"Tara Zajac
Shout out to @First_Power ‘s Donna Morton from R. Paul Herman here at #RIconf2012 – fantastic examples of good work in Canada.Zoë Caron
#riconf2012 Bravo à Colette Harvey de la Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins pour le discours de ce matin sur les IRCarole Verreault
#riconf2012 how to pick out greenwashing? Ask how esg criteria are used in investment decisions also agf says it puts out a screen soonJean-Francois Parent
#riconf2012 are there strategies to get managers to pay more than lip service to esg?Jean-Francois Parent
AGF: SRI absolutely does not beget under-performance; it mitigates risk. Advisors need to debunk these myths. #riconf2012Corporate Knights
#riconf2012 "if you believe in nothing you’ll investing in anything" MG AGF "look at what investors believe in & what’s important to themBetty-Anne Howard
Breakout discussion on how foundations can meetFacebook
Breakout discussion on how foundations can meetFacebook
The panel discussion was followed by group conversations as the audience broke out into three groups and discussed how foundations can play a greater role through mission-related and impact investing.
Global Alliance for Banking on Values. A group of banks that care. Higher return on assets & for community. http://www.gabv.org/ #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Canadian Responsible Investment Conference | FacebookFacebook
"You don’t say: these are my investments, now I need a mission. You create a mission, then find which investments fit." – Walker #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
I smell opportunity: @socialfinance: barriers #impinv -lack of intermediaries,internal capacity,advisors,attractive invest opps #riconf2012Alex Wood
Betsy Martin, Christian Novak, Paul HermanFacebook
Christian Novak-talking about how MFIs have low correlation to global capital markets & achieve a positive social return #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Brent Walker on impact investing.Facebook
Brent Walker WFT – challenges facing family foundations, governance, board renewal, education and deal flow to hit impact goals #riconf2012CBERN
#ESG analysts are missing something fundamental: human passion. Engaged employees are more productive! You can’t backtest that.. #riconf2012Timothy Nash
Canadian Responsible Investment Conference: Shareholders v Stakeholders http://bit.ly/Nek6k9 #riconf2012Doug Watt
Get involved-score your impact,migrate your portfolio,make an investing pledge,co-create new investment opportunities #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Canadian Responsible Investment Conference | FacebookFacebook
You don’t necessarily need to choose BETWEEN profit and human impact – you can achieve both #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Paul Herman, the HIP Investor.Facebook
Paul Herman, HIP – assess your impact across all asset classes, as a criteria alongside risk and return, not a separate class #riconf2012CBERN
Our current valuations are flawed, as much of aFacebook
Paul Herman, @HIPInvestor, takes the floor and talks about valuing intangibles and capitalizing on human assets #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Highest performing asset class for Meyer Family Enterprises – US municipal bonds (invest in schools+muni infrastructure) #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Meyer Family Enterprises – 49% impact,calculated by @HIPInvestor,across multiple asset classes #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Meyer Family Enterprises’ impact is based on five factors – Health,wealth,earth,equality,and trust – for the ‘HIP Check’ #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Patrick Gleeson,CEO,Meyer Family Enterprises states their policy policy statement – 100% impact by 2020 #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
The panel discussion begins; from left: Betsy …Facebook
The panel kicks off-Patrick Gleeson, Paul Herman, Brent Walker and Christian Novak,moderated by Betsy Martin #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
63% of foundations are interested in investing time or money to learn more/get involved in impact investing #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
28% of foundations said they made their first impact investments in the last two years #riconf2012 #impinvSocialFinance.ca
Canadian Responsible Investment Conference | FacebookFacebook
Strategies for foundations-be opportunistic,create own deals,use blended capital,co-invest/collaborate,adopt a phased approach #riconf2012SocialFinance.ca
Barriers to foundation mission-based investment: lack of intermediaries, capacity, attractive investment, support from advisors #riconf2012CBERN
Out of 66 foundations surveyed,approximately one-third are interested in mission-related investing-mostly b/w 5-10% allocation #riconf2012SocialFinance.ca
61% of Canadian foundations are interested in investing in environmental and/or social funds. $3.6 billion in potential capital. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Trish Nixon presents her research on …Facebook
Trish Nixon kicks off with a presentation on the results of her survey of foundations interested in mission-related investing #riconf2012SocialFinance.ca
This morning, we’re covering the @MaRSDD Centre for #ImpInv’s session on Impact Investing and Mission-Related Investing at #riconf2012SocialFinance.ca
Impact investing and mission-related investingFacebook
Day 2 of #riconf2012 concurrent technical sessions including "Impact Investing and Mission-Related Investing"CBERN
The next set of tweets and coverage is from the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing-hosted session on Impact Investing and Mission-Related Investing (see details here).
En Europe, l’investissement socialement responsable représente 5000 milliards d’euros en en-cours. – Antoine Sorange, Amundi. #riconf2012Desjardins
over 11+ year timeframe, ethically invested Jantzi 60 index beats TSX 60 by 23 basis points #riconf2012Tara Zajac
Putting it into perspective: less than 0.2% of Canadian advisors are present at SIO+20 -Fred Pinto, VP Qtrade #riconf2012Erin Poeta
#riconf2012 hard to get extrafinancial risk info when corps are not listed #sri #investmentJean-Francois Parent
Fred Pinto: Over 40% of retail advisors are unaware of SRI category, but as many are interested bc of risk mgmt #riconf2012Corporate Knights
#riconf2012 Fred Pinto Integrating ESG into investments current landscape 43,000 inv advisors & only .2% here at this conf how 2 change thatBetty-Anne Howard
re: the carbon disclosure project,"only what is measured can be managed" #riconf2012Tara Zajac
#riconf2012 Marc Fox Carbon Disclosure Project now includes Water & Forestry – largest capital disclosure system in the worldBetty-Anne Howard
Heat map from MSCI shows how #ESG risk exposure varies by sector. #sustainability #materiality #riconf2012 http://pic.twitter.com/BOsQbf4GTimothy Nash
Mark Fox of CDP: doesn’t matter if you believe in climate change. Fiduciary responsibility to incorporate ESG risk #riconf2012Corporate Knights
!L’intégration des facteurs ESG est un volet essentiel dans la gestion intégrée des risques.! – Stephen Kibsey, de la CSP. #riconf2012Desjardins
"#Sustainability contributes to at least 1% of WACC & 15% of a company’s intrinsic value" #ESG #alpha #riconf2012Timothy Nash
#riconf2012 Heather Lang taking a deeper dive into Sustainalytics process 2 identify material ESG issuesBetty-Anne Howard
ESG integration into conventional investment practices -hearing from sustainalytics, qtrade & carbon disclosure project #riconf2012Erin Poeta
"We can’t quantify everything, sometimes we need to use our judgement" science + art = techné #riconf2012Timothy Nash
The first set of tweets is on integrating ESG factors – strategies for portfolio managers and analysts.
Next topic ‘Integrating #ESG Factors into Fundamental Analysis’ #happynerd #riconf2012Timothy Nash
The second session of day 2 focused on a number of concurrent intensive sessions, including two sessions on SRI technical skills (SRI 101 & SRI 201,with parallel sessions in both French and English) as well as the following:
-Strategies for portfolio managers and analysts
-Impact investing and mission-related investing
-Shareholder activism and engagement
"Activism: brewing in some countries, bubbling in more and exploding in others. We should be listening as to why" #riconf2012Tara Zajac
Les investisseurs socialement responsable sont perçus parmi les plus influents auprès des entreprises et des gouvernements. #riconf2012Desjardins
Q from floor: Where should academics focus, within responsible investment? A: Help finance get out of siloed thinking. – Ferrand #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
At the mainstream v. Mainstreet session.#riconf2012 come check out @OilGasCanada CAPP booth in between your sessions! http://pic.twitter.com/5RtMYTjFKay She
#riconf2012 "Governments can no longer govern. They have become caretakers of their own impotency" Dominique Ferrand speaker SIO conf 2012Betty-Anne Howard
#riconf2012 Activists will play a critical role on the sustainability agenda 4 I’m 5 agree that society needs activists to ach meangful progBetty-Anne Howard
Yikes. Image of how corporations in the US are funding misrepresentation of climate change science: http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/30/on-climate-change-its-money-vs-mouth/ #RIconf2012 @UCSUSAZoë Caron
From sweatshops to climate change, we’re deeply rooted in man made problems, caused by short-term siloed views in finance… -DF #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
"Responsible investment can help address environmental and social problems …But no panacea. It helps to cope, adapt." -Ferrand #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
The first session of the day was on challenges to socially responsible investing:

Challenges to SRI: From mainstream to mainstreet
An independent consultant, Dominique Ferrand specializes in ESG issues and the tangible strategic issues they raise. He will first present participants with some known threats to our societies generally   overlooked by the society…. and by the financial services. He will then debunk the myth of “mainstreaming” responsible investment, and call for   “mainstreeting” it. Dominique is recognized for the rigour of his research. His clients include financial institutions, corporations and   governments. He has been a member of the Desjardins Funds Environmental Advisory Group for 12 years. 
Second day of the Canadian summit on socially responsible investment. Presented by Desjardins. http://bit.ly/N9tRjO #riconf2012Desjardins
Cbern’s booth @ Montreal’s #riconf2012 Sharing information on #SocialResponsibleInvestment W/ Hilary, our coordinator http://pic.twitter.com/PgCsurGKNolywé Delannon
#Showmethemoney #MSCI ESG Index Total Returns beats MSCI World/5yrs, 1yr + 3Mo #RIconf2012 #SRi #investment #mutualfundsJean-Francois Parent
Canadian Responsible Investment Conference | FacebookFacebook
"Investing in Green Real Estate and Infrastructure" – any building is linked to something else, something bigger, a community. #riconf2012CBERN
Martyn McCarthy,Aberdeen Asset Management – …Facebook
#Investing in #green #realestate and #infrastructure – global perspective from Aberdeen Asset Management ¡ #riconf2012 #impinv #sri #soc …Sergio Escobar
Companies are coming to Canada because it’s a hot bed for clean tech. We don’t think of ourselves in that way.- @iamdavidmiller #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
@iamdavidmiller: Energy efficiency is a great way for cities to create #greenjobs #riconf2012Timothy Nash
"Everybody’s an environmentalist and they are just looking for a way to do the right thing." – @iamdavidmiller #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Long run perspective? Environmentally sustainable infrastructure makes the most sense. – @iamdavidmiller on screen at #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Great interview by @AmandaLang_CBC with @iamdavidmiller on how cites Are becoming more #sustainable! #riconf2012Timothy Nash
David Miller video interview w Amanda Lang #riconf2012 on #sustainable building in cities – #innovation in building systems and retrofit.CBERN
 Investing in Green Real Estate and Infrastructure
Institutional investors are increasingly turning their attention to real estate and infrastructure as promising alternative investments. These asset categories not only provide income opportunities, but they also hold potential to lower carbon footprints and improve the quality of life in cities and regions.

Former Toronto mayor David Miller will set the stage in a pre-recorded interview with CBC business correspondent Amanda Lang.

Then the session will go live with Martyn McCarthy, Director of Business Operations and Sustainability for Aberdeen Asset Management’s property division, who will provide a global perspective on the topic.
"Socially responsible investment products yield returns equivalent to comparable savings products." Blog: http://blogues.desjardins.com/between-us/2012/06/what-return-should-you-expect-on-socially-responsible-investments.php?cm_mmc=ReseauxSociaux-_-EN-_-Twitter-_-%20http://blogues.desjardins.com/between-us/2012/06/what-return-should-you-expect-on-socially-responsible-investments.php #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
The aging society+displacement of workers by automation are going to be major societal discussions-how do they fit? #riconf2012 #impinv #sriSocialFinance.ca
This session is getting strange. Humanoid robots? I think #biomimicry is a much cooler direction for future tech #riconf2012Timothy Nash
”La conscience environnementale (…) est une stratégie de croissance.” – Samuel J. Palmisano, d’IBM. #riconf2012Desjardins
Environmentalism isn’t corporate virtue or philanthropy-its a growth strategy-IBM executive quoted #riconf2012 #impinv #sriSocialFinance.ca
Just so our speaker know: the social equivalent of greenwashing is fairwashing! #RICONF2012GIR Inc.
"Just looking good" is known as "green washing" in the environmental field. No term for that in the social field. – says Worzel #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
"In this day and age, they will be found out" -Worzel on companies who make bad environmental/social decisions in internet age. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Socially responsible investing is smart investing-its not just ‘feel-good’ #impinv #sri #riconf2012SocialFinance.ca
Walmart: Environmentally sustainable, zero waste, 100% renewable energy. Why? "We think it’s just good business." Richard Worzel #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
#riconf2012 I’m a planner not a prophet says Richard Worzel, Futurist & our current speaker http://futuresearch.comBetty-Anne Howard
Richard Worzel, Futurist – The Future of SRI: …Facebook
The Future of SRI: Towards an Ethical World
If the purpose of SRI is more than just an exercise in looking good rather than doing good, investments need more than superficial review. But is it worth it? Does SRI reduce investment return? Futurist and C.F.A. Richard Worzel will show how future developments demonstrate that social responsibility will increasingly be smart investing.
The future of #SRI – towards an #ethical world & smart #investing¡#riconf2012 #impinv #socinv #peSergio Escobar
The next session featured futurist Richard Worzel speaking about adapting to the future and the changes that are coming.
THIS. "Invest in everything except bad things. Targeted funds for good things? There is a huge market out there for that" -Stout #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
There’s evidence that investors are interested not just in passive screening,but in actually doing good.-Stout #riconf2012 #impinv #sriSocialFinance.ca
"Has anybody out there specialized in creating a fund that focuses on a particular goal? Women’s health? Solar energy?" – Stout #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
I like the idea of a cap-if a potential CEO wants $10m,they’re dangerous.for best CEOs,its not about money-Lynn Stout #riconf2012 #sriSocialFinance.ca
It’s seems its time to discuss the level of compensations and not only the structure of compensations. #execsalarycap #RICONF2012GIR Inc.
#riconf2012 pay for performance – executive compensation should be based on broader issues other than shareprice concern 4 others is a startBetty-Anne Howard
Lynn Stout, author of Shareholder Value Myth, shareholders have wide range of interests/values beyond share price in short term #riconf2012CBERN
#riconf2012 Lynn Stout The Shareholder Value Myth: How pitting Shareholders First Harms Investors, Corporations & The Public – great talkBetty-Anne Howard
Good answer: In the long term, you have to care about your stakeholders, & stakeholders increasingly care about quality, values. #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
Q from the floor: What do you do when quantitative return on investment is the only thing that matters, not qualitative issues? #RIconf2012Zoë Caron
“@timenash: "we no longer believe in the toothfairy, we no longer believe in efficient market hypothesis" #brilliant #riconf2012”CEO @GirCanada
"Shareholders are human beings. Human beings have a wide range of …values beyond what happens to a particular price." -L Stout #riconf2012Zoë Caron
Shareholder maximization: est. 1980s & "Idea of shareholder maximization is the dumbest idea in the world" – Welch, past CEO, GE #riconf2012Zoë Caron
Opening Session – Lynn Stout of Cornell …Facebook
The Stakeholder Approach to Executive Compensation: The Smartest Idea in the World? 
Mainstream approaches to executive compensation incentivize CEOs to do what it takes to maximize shareholder value – “the dumbest idea in the world” according to Jack Welch. Come join corporate governance rock star Professor Lynn Stout, Distinguished Professor of Corporate Law at Cornell University Law School, discuss the shattering conclusions of her new book, The Shareholder Value Myth. Bob Walker, Vice President of ESG Services at NEI will then lead a discussion on the implications for responsible investors and how Ethical Funds has used Professor Stout’s thinking to redesign how (and how much) executives get paid. The smartest idea in the world? 
First panel at SRI+20 – Stakeholder Approach to Exec Compensation: Smartest Idea in the World? on why/how to redesign the system #riconf2012CBERN
#Stakeholder approach to #executive #compensation – SRI Conf in #Montreal ¡ #riconf2012 #impinv #sri #socinv #peSergio Escobar
At the Canadian Responsible Investment Conference today in Montreal,follow @socialfinance for updates! #riconf2012 ! #impinv #sriSocialFinance.ca
Excited for the start of #riconf2012. Some great people in the room!Timothy Nash
Love that "The Future of Investing" conference is dubbed SRI+20 to intentionally parallel RIO+20. Great framing. #RIconf2012 #Rioplus20Zoë Caron
Le 8e Congrès canadien sur l’investissement responsable débute ce pm, à Montréal. Au programme: http://bit.ly/M6PZID #riconf2012Desjardins

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