The Best Bits from SOCAP12: Making Meaning Matter

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The Best Bits from SOCAP12: Making Meaning Matter

What was the conversation around SOCAP12 like? What are the most interesting things that people said (and heard)? Here’s an all-too-incomplete glimpse of the many wonderful thoughts and images that flowed around Fort Mason last week. Updates are in chronological order.

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“@HubVentures: Problem: create local wealth. Solution: invest in community entrepreneurship #socap12” agree! @King_LizzyIvan Gonzalez
@Kevindoylejones: There are people here who are really doing: creating democratic ownership structures, reducing poverty, moving $. #socap12Adam Spence
Money is money and that’s important but community and culture more important to entrepreneurs @coreyford #socap12Victoria Vrana
"Don’t try and reform the human, reform the conditions on the ground" Buckminster-Fuller via @jeffleifer #SOCAP12Jonny LeRoy
#SOCAP12 Plenary session- risk we have in West is abandoning a narrative in our history that involves an obligation to care for one anotherronna chisholm
#socap12 "Whole ecosystem has 2 become part of the movement we hope 2 build" @JudithRodin #socent #impinv #philantrophyMartin Montero
Challenges for early stage #impinv: sourcing ventures, technical assistance and capacity building, & developing & acquiring talent. #socap12Adam Spence
@MarketsForGood includes the spectrum of capital & enterprises devoted to social good: from #philanthropy to #impinv #mkts4good #SOCAP12brianwalsh
SOCAP12 – 2000 people from around the world to explore Making Meaning Matter; investing in a new way that creates positive good and profit.Gene Kunde
@majoracarter spending money in your own community #maketheworldabetterplace #socap12 #communitydevelopment Live
You can become economically empowered, you can drive environmental sustainability, and you can be active in change. M. Carter #socap12Adam Spence
‘poverty is not a disease, but it is a condition’ via @majoracarter #Socap12cameron burgess
@majorcarter gets standing ovation at #SOCAP12 ‘i want ppl to grow up in communities like mine & know they don’t have to be poor all lives’Colleen Ebinger
we still have a bifurcated world view w #philanthropy & #impinv; let’s destroy the false paradigms & simply place funds for impact #SOCAP12cameron burgess
"Human capital is much more important in many ways than monetary capital"- Andy Lower, Eleos Foundation, on early-stage investing
We can’t get new results using old financial structures. j Kohler from impact capital #socap12joyce sou
"Equity exit is a promise a social entrepreneur cant or doesnt want to keep" John Kohler, Impact Capital #socap12Jonathan Jenkins
Recurring theme of #SOCAP12: philanthropy & investing are points along a single ”types of capital" spectrum. HUGE change fr 2 yrs agoChristine Egger
‘the poor need big business & big business needs the poor’ #SOCAP12 Paul Polakcameron burgess
Paul Polak says impinv is confusing mission and profit at a #impinv conf! Bold! #socap12 Sonoyama
3 billion customers are waiting for revolution in business serving for the poor. #socap12joyce sou
Radical affordability, high volume and high margin, profitable supply chains needed. #socap12 polakjoyce sou
"Haven’t talked to 100 poor customers, can’t pay for biz 3x in 1st yr, can’t sell 100 million products? Don’t bother starting" – PP #SOCAP12Christine Egger
Sasha Dichter from @acumenfund "We’re not going to get new results from old private equity fund structures". #SOCAP12 #socent #impinvMartin Montero
@sashadichter "if you keep your eyes focused on the problems, you’ll come up with a variety of solutions"
Fund re-construction is required in the #impinv mkt. We need to focus on the fund structures that truly achieve impact. #socap12Adam Spence
#SOCAP12 pollak using intermediate technology that addresses a problem but doesn’t attract investment in rural areas or stem urbanizationKate Stohr
great to hear keynote @ #SOCAP12 that speaks to the monumental changes in the environment; often the focus feels too much on the socialcameron burgess
We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity, powered by knowledge. #socap12Julian Caspari
Metrics need to be addressed with humility and curiosity. Unexpected learnings and opportunities
We need to focus on solving problems vs. creating an asset class
What are you doing now #socap12? #hubcreate Live
great to see a shift this year from creating asset classes to understanding/0pricing impact and improving systems and markets – SOCAP12Shrupti Shah
To convince #impinv to go earlier stage, have to appeal to desire to generate catalytic impact, significant growth & scale. #SOCAP12Omidyar Network
.@villagecapital partner @artemisiabrasil on scale: "Life is too short to stay small" #SOCAP12Victoria Fram
"Exponential increase in #impinv interest, but people are waiting for great deals & not doing the hard work to generate deal flow" #SOCAP12Omidyar Network
Women run better businesses in the social innovation in the emerging markets but are disproportionately unfunded #socap12Hernan Vargas
taking a moment to breathe in the overwhelming goodness at #socap12; so many talented, inspiring & devoted people; i’m in lovecameron burgess
That would be a simulcast conversation @socap12 @ Fort Mason Center Elmaghraby
Goal of #primingthepump series is to share learnings in #impinv & spark discussion about very nuanced issues. M Bannick #SOCAP12Omidyar Network
Want to see 100 ways the world is becoming a better place? Check out these entrepreneurs. #socap12Jillian Darwish
"Problem first, tools second." Matt Bannick on keeping the cart & horse in order — at #socap12.Katherine Collins
@rossbaird of @villagecapital on a panel about accelerators #socap12 @ Cowell Theater at Fort Mason
Philanthropy advances our collective well-being, vs charity which is giving money away #impinv @OmidyarNetwork – M. Bannick #SOCAP12SOCAP12 Live
Let’s not think of philanthropy as charity…charity is giving the money away, philanthropy is advancing our collective well being #socap12Ivy So
"Make room in your heart for the unimaginable." #socap12 #impinvKatherine Collins
We don’t need impact data for investment. We need impact data to know if we are creating a better world. Then we can get aligned. #SoCap12steve wright
How can the #impinv community best utilize the resources and capabilities of DFI’s? #SOCAP12 Live
@BCorporation is going global #SOCAP12 – our young leaders and entrepreneurs should take a look at these business models.MERIT*
@trichetriche B Corps hold a lot of promise because you can get the benefits of both #np and #socent models of getting capital. #SOCAP12C. M. Samala
#Bcorps explains how Doing good by your workers can and should help you access essential financing #socap12 Live
Safer & easier > emotional. Rigour around returns > analytical. #impinv needs integrated decisions @socialfinance @sashadichter #socap12Bonnie Foley-Wong
"Early stage is where you have greatest opportunity to shape the market" Matt Bannick @OmidyarNetwork #socap12Harvey Koh
SoCap10, big money came out. SoCap11, Occupy arrived. Good talk & intention, but ltd. execution. #socap12 is #impinv in action.Adam Spence
How do you match the scale of the solution to the scale of the problem? #socap12 @SOCAPImpact Lab
We have too few people who are trilingual across the three sectors. #Mkts4Good #SOCAP12Monitor Institute
Check out the @marketsforgood spectrum of investors presented at #socap12 #mkts4goodLaura Tomasko
So thrilled by this amazing support for #genderlensinv at #SOCAP12. Amazing speech @jvbrug!!Criterion Institute
"Cumulative #s are vanity #s. Everyone can count." @emilymtucker #SOCAP12Kate McElligott
Little better yet still noticeably missing at #SoCap12 (like most #socent confs) the disenfranchised to speak for themselves. #philantrophyMartin Montero
@brianwalsh nice definition: impact investors may get mkt rates of return but their driving intention is for social impact #socap12Greg Ulrich
Many people climb the ladder of success only to find it’s leaning against the wrong building. The hints are in ur dreams. #SOCAP12 @mkngoodJulian Caspari
Do FAs shy away from values conversation because of fear? Do we perceive values and financial intelligence as separate? #socap12Liz Sessler
Talking feedback loops at #mkts4good such as social feedback from folks we aim to help. Empower ALL stakeholders to play a role. #SoCap12Martin Montero
Where the magic happens. #socap12 @ SOCAP12
"Biggest risk is this will not be a market for anything, not impact, not profit" @mulagostarr #socap12 #impinvHarvey Koh
There’s a lot of data out there, but it’s not connected. Need to create information infrastructure. #mkts4good #SOCAP12Jeff Raderstrong
If we are blinded by the metrics we will miss the boat. @jeremytaylor #socap12Jillian Darwish
Jeremy Taylor: "The worse the nightmare is, the more valuable the information it wants to convey." #socap12Jigsaw Global
How to use data? @hotstudio leads interactive "persona" workshops #mkts4good #socap12 Sonoyama
@panahpur realized in 2006 that financial markets were inherently increasing inequality and moved entirely to impact investing #SOCAP12Sustainable Brands
Our financial system has become too frictionless and efficient. We need to get back to relationships – Don Shaffer
Jeremy Taylor: "The language of dreams is, in fact, universal," so pay attention to other people’s dreams, too, not just yours. #socap12Jigsaw Global
"How can social impact companies compete in a space inhibited by companies without a social mission"..the discussion is at 245pm #HUBcreateSOCAP12 Live
Awesome conversation about #failure in #socent. do our hero myths keep us from pivoting or failing quickly? #socap12 Franklin
James Perry, challenge for govs: when you start to buy outcomes, you need to have a much more of a investment counterparty culture.
Key question in the UK: how do you create and operate the intermediaries to drive impact investing marketplace? #socap12Adam Spence
The purpose of business is not to make money, but to create value. Finance is not a business, its a tool – Michelle, @BALLE_Network
Thrilled for #slaveryfootprint to have a presence at #socap12! Footprint
We know what it takes to help low-income kids succeed in school. What we don’t know yet is how to help them by the millions. #SOCAP12Monitor Institute
Do terms like impact invsmt and #socent dissolve or reinforce the false dichotomy of making money vs. doing good? #SOCAP12C. M. Samala
Ecosystem building requires connecting actionable problems with actionable solutions #civicmarket #socap12New Media Ventures
ELATED that community empowerment,community control,local investing by non accredited investors& employee ownership = BIG topic at #SoCap12!Martin Montero
Great discussion on civic accelerators: inject & reenforce discipline of customer focus, while also developing customer ecosystem. #SOCAP12Colin Mutchler
Taking a break to start digesting so much information that #socap12 generates @ Fort Mason Herbst Pavillion Rojas-Mejia
"You don’t solve poverty with money. You solve poverty with agency." Steve Wright of @GrameenFdn #socap12Kara Pecknold
Crowd funding panel "what makes @indiegogo special is its global and anyone can do it" #socap12 #crowdfundin Live
Real prosperity comes from community, from sharing, not greed, but partnering. @ProInspire #SOCAP12Gene Kunde
@razoo describes lovely mission & cool model–change the world and know ur impact… #crowdfunding #socap12
Articulated mission and capacity to execute are what big bang #philanthropists seek #SOCAP12Sawako Sonoyama
Make sure that the money you take first is aligned with your values/mission #SOCAP12christiegeorge
Panelist – Tabreez Verjee – "Your brand is just a lagging indicator of your culture." Great insights at #SOCAP12Avary Kent
Not all about $: @indiegogo founder @gogodanae says the 5Ps that motivate fundraising = passion, perk, participation, pride, profit #SOCAP12Emily Malina
You don’t choose to join an ecosystem. You choose to contribute to the health of your ecosystem. #socap12steve wright
"Not until a woman can take control of her fertility can she take control of her future." @MarieStopes CEO #SOCAP12Living Goods
@karlhofmann #SOCAP12 -tremendous return on investment by meeting the unmet need of family planning, touches on so many other health issues.PSI
Entrepreneurs helping each other out at Hub:Create! @whatsupsmiley @gobaci #socap12 #socent Live
Social entrepreneurs are essentially buying future outcomes #SOCAP12SOCAP12 Live
Collaboration helps maximize value of #bigdata. Everyone should share. @TechSoup @MarketsForGood #socap12Sheila Warren
"Resilience is the most important investment theme for the next 100 years." – John Fulleron at #socap12 #resilience #impinvKatherine Collins
"You can’t talk your way out of a problem you behaved yourself into". -Dave Kashen,Quantum Leading #socap12#socent#corevaluesSOCAP12 Live
John Fullerton, former MD of JP Morgan, speaking on systems change frameworks. #socent #socap12 #impinv Amplifier
Now what? It’s about managing expectations & not over-promising so we don’t blow all our efforts. @AlexSloanSF of @SkollFoundation #socap12Ayaka Emoto
The revolution may not be needed to be televised but it needs to be funded #SoCap #socap12 @SOCAPmarketsLeanne Pittsford
"It would be an egregious mistake to leave here with everything in your head and not your heart" @Sekouworld ends #socap12Laura Tomasko
We can’t afford to invest dollars that don’t make change #socent #impinv #SOCAP12SOCAP12 Live
@sekouworld "Move $ from end to means" #SOCAP12Colleen Ebinger
Whew. Long and intense #SOCAP12 but so worth the trip @SOCAPmarketsFinanceMatters
Thank you #socap12 @SOCAPmarkets and all amazing entrepreneurs for meaningful meetings! #socent are on fire! Cup
"For real wealth you don’t have to get all touchy-feely. But you have to touch. And you have to feel." -S.Andrews’ close at #socap12 #impinvKatherine Collins
As#socap12 closed its awareness, creativity and passion left me with renewed optimism for the future of our planet&its people@ProInspireGene Kunde
Meet Khalida Brohi, Founder of @SugharWomen that empowers Pakistani tribal women by teaching craft! #SoCap12
recovering from #SOCAP12; what a paradigm busting wrecking-ball of a conference; now let’s stop ‘starting conversations’ & take action!!cameron burgess
@ABLImpact #socap12 – #impinv only part of the solution; ask ‘how can we make a social outcome happen’ not ‘where can we make an #impinv?’Manju George
Congrats to @SOCAPmarkets for an incredible & #mindbending event! I feel like we’ve arrived at true inflection pt. #itsreal #socap12 #scurveAdam Spence

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