The Social Enterprise World Forum Prepares for Takeoff

A few weeks ago, SOCAP12 focused on the increasing relationship between philanthropy and impact investing in the biggest convening around money and meaning. A theme often echoed in this world is the difficulty in deploying capital appropriately.

The Social Enterprise World Forum, taking place this week in Rio de Janeiro and hosted by NESsT, focuses on solving that problem – on supporting the emergence of social enterprises, especially in developing markets.

The overall theme of the conference is impact investing, which will kick off the opening plenary on Tuesday, October 16. Thereafter the conference’s panel discussions will focus on the social enterprise movement globally as well as in Brazil. The conference organizers have brought together an eclectic group of speakers, with designers, inventors and strategists taking the stage alongside investors and, of course, social entrepreneurs themselves.

The entrepreneurs will be further represented at an ongoing Social Enterprise Marketplace, which will remain open for the duration of the conference. A special gala evening will also present the NESsT Brazil Social Enterprise Awards, including the Women in Social Enterprise Award (announced by Michelle Bachelet, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women). Additional supporting events include pre-conference site visits and training workshops. See the agenda for more details.

One of the most impressive features of SEWF 2012 is the list of parallel track sessions, organized into the following eight tracks:

  1. Finance & Investment | Financiamento e Investimento
  2. Social Enterprise in Brazil | Sala Negócios Socais no Brasil
  3. Innovation, Invention & Design | Inovação, Invenção e Desenho
  4. Leadership Development & Education | Desenvolvimento de Lideranças e Educação
  5. Management & Skills-Building | Gestão e Capacitação
  6. Cases & Models | Casos e Modelos
  7. Economic Opportunity & Social Justice | Oportunidade Econômica e Justiça Social
  8. Enabling Environment | Criação de Ambiente Habilitado

From types of financing to the legal issues surrounding social enterprises, from education and careers to design and sustainability, from spaces, supply chains and scaling to procurement, measurement and coalitions: the venue, Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania (itself a social enterprise), will feature a comprehensive conversation around supporting social enterprises as a way of addressing social problems. With the exception of the finance and investment track, each session will simultaneously be translated in Portuguese as well as English.

Join hosts NESsT, over 150 speakers from around the world, and an expected audience of over 500 participants from over 30 countries. Register today.

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