Webinar Update: LIVE from the Social Enterprise World Forum 2012

SocialFinance.ca presents a Webinar Update, LIVE from the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) at 10:00 AM on Thursday October 18th (11 AM Brazil time).

Please join us to get updates from all that has taken place at the event in Rio so far, and take part in an online discussion about some of the questions that have been raised. A number of stakeholders from the event will be participating, including SEWF staff, speakers and audience members.

You can join the webinar by visiting http://mdd.adobeconnect.com/impactinvesting and logging in as a Guest.

You can listen and chat online. If you would like to speak, please connect audio through the Internet or, if you are based in North America, by dialing in to the number provided below.

Dial 1-866-261-6767
Enter participant code: 915097

About event

The Social Enterprise World Forum 2012 – Fórum Mundial de Negócios Sociais 2012 is the premiere global event focused on supporting the development of social enterprises — businesses applying market approaches to solve critical social and environmental problems. The overall theme of SEWF2012 is the growing asset class of “impact investing,” and will focus on attracting new investment capital for social enterprise.

SEWF2012 will include a variety of sessions and speakers to inspire, inform and connect participants. Join delegates from 30 different countries, and over 150 speakers in the 10 exciting tracks planned, along with an Investor Day, social enterprise marketplace, social enterprise site visits, social enterprise awards gala, training workshops, and a pitching place.

About NESsT

The SEWF2012 is being hosted by NESsT, a pioneer and leader in the social enterprise industry since 1997 and in Brazil since 2007. NESsT has trained a total of 3,800 organizations and invested over 8 million dollars to create 120 social enterprises that address critical social problems in emerging market countries. For media contact: nsacknoff@nesst.org and for event questions: sewf@nesst.org.

Connect to SEWF2012 online!

Twitter: Join @nesstorg and follow the #SEWF2012 hashtag!

Facebook: You can join the online communities at NESsT Global and Latin America, or the official SEWF2012 event page.

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