Discussing money and meaning at SOCAP13

On September 3-6, 1500 innovators, investors, foundations, institutions, and social entrepreneurs from around the globe will gather at the historic Fort Mason Center in San Francisco to attend SOCAP13, the latest offering by the world-renowned conference series dedicated toward increasing the flow of capital toward social good.

SOCAP, the international conference series run by Social Capital Markets, is the world’s most successful impact investing and social enterprise event, having convened over 5,000 people since the inaugural conference in 2008. In this, the tenth SOCAP event in the series, organizers have chosen to focus on six themes: Health, Oceans, Communities, Meaning, Investing, Faith and Art.

In the health track, conference attendees will be invited to explore new business models and investable opportunities in the social determinants of health—the ways in which social and cultural factors relate statistically to well-being. When participating in the oceans programming, attendees will hear of the ways that individuals and communities are investing in oceans, motivated by a view of humans as agents of change in preserving aquatic ecosystems and maintaining sustainable seafood supply chains.

In order to best discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by communities, SOCAP13 organizers have chosen to explore place-based innovation and development by providing examples of “multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholder solutions that are applied in communities to generate an economy for good.” Speakers will draw on examples of innovative place-based solutions from Detroit, where communities have been working together to revitalize broken systems. Providing further examples of innovative approaches to community empowerment, speakers will also discuss community development finance institutions and coworking communities.

At SOCAP13, the theme of meaning will be addressed through sessions that beg the question: Why do some individuals choose to invest in and work for organizations with a triple-bottom-line philosophy? These discussions will touch upon both spiritual and non-spiritual aspects of money and meaning. Such content will be closely linked to the sessions tailored to the faith theme, which will provide spiritual leaders in attendance with material with which to engage their communities upon their return home.

As in previous years, SOCAP13 will also feature an investing theme, during which expert speakers will discuss the latest sectoral research, as well as impact investing in health and the environment. Finally, conference attendees following the art theme will be invited to explore programming on the intersection between economic justice, the environment and the economy. To this end, speakers will discuss both the intrinsic and extrinsic effects of art—the ways in which art can provide personal pleasure for a beholder and can also be used to change the minds and hearts of those in its presence.

In the exploration of these themes, SOCAP13 will draw on the expertise and insight of over 200 speakers from around the globe. While the full list of speakers for SOCAP13 has not yet been confirmed, the following speakers (among many others) have confirmed their participation in the global conference:

As a proud media partner of SOCAP13, SocialFinance.ca is pleased to provide our readers with a 30% discount on SOCAP13 ticket prices. Additionally, come Sept 3, we will be on hand for all of the action, live-blogging and tweeting with the latest highlights from the conference.

If you’re planning on attending SOCAP13 and interested in engaging with fellow Canadians, consider joining us for an evening reception on Sept 3. Following the successful turnout at last year’s Canada Day event, the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing will once again host a dinner for colleagues and friends at SOCAP13. If interested in attending, please email Interim Managing Editor, Bronwyn Oatley at boatley@socialfinance.ca.

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