Toby Eccles on Impact Bonds: Invest in Social Change

Toby Eccles on Impact Bonds: Invest in Social Change

Want to learn more about social impact bonds? Why not start with their inventor?

This past June Toby Eccles gave a rousing talk on social impact bonds – a financial instrument he created which helps private investors get involved in solving difficult public problems. The full talk, which we’ve cross-posted below thanks to the generosity of TED has gotten over 128,000 views since being posted at the beginning of December and is an excellent primer on this important financial tool. Happy viewing!

About Toby Eccles:

Toby founded Social Finance UK in 2007. He assembled the initial team and led the development of the Social Impact Bond from first concept to implementation. As Development Director, Toby oversees all of Social Finance UK’s Social Impact Bond work. From 2005, he acted as secretariat for the Commission on Unclaimed Assets, where he helped develop the recommendation for the creation of a Social Investment Bank. Prior to this, he was Director of Research at ARK, a child focused foundation, where he built programmes around education in the UK and communities with high levels of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. In the commercial world, Toby worked in corporate finance at UBS Warburg, and built a next generation internet protocols business for Data Connection, a leading UK software company. He has taken non-executive and investor roles in two technology related start-ups and is a non-executive director of Antidote, a charity developing emotional intelligence in schools. Toby holds a BA in Maths from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.

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