Support An Impact Entrepreneur: MaRS

Support An Impact Entrepreneur: MaRS

Here are just a few of the 30 amazing impact entrepreneurs you can help send to ImpactOntario by joining our campaign today!

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Anne Pringle and Consuelo McAlisterLocal Buttons: Working with skilled Haitian tailors Local Buttons creates refined refurbished fashion that embodies quality and beauty. Every design provides sustainable, fair-wage jobs and breathes new life into old materials.

Jason Gray, SunfarmerSunFarmer provides hospitals, schools, and other critical services organizations in impoverished and rural areas with access to reliable and renewable energy.

Kevin Mercer, RainGridRaingrid offers smart, green infrastructure to protect cities against storm water flooding.

Sara Torrie, Sartoria: Sartoria has created a unique brand of upcycled wool clothing that makes the customer feel she has acquired something rare without ethical or environmental compromise.

Nathaniel Graham, Greentronics Computer Recycling: Greentronics is a computer and recycling processing company, focused on reducing the amount of electronic waste entering Ontario’s landfills.

Shahreen Reza and Mike Schmidt, Purifaid: PurifAid aims to provide efficient, durable water decontamination systems to eliminate the toxins poisoning well water in rural Bangladesh.

Arrindel Lewis, Canadian Benefits Centre Corporation (CBCC): CBCC was established to represent Canadians with disabilities and impairments. The company specializes in benefits claims- specifically in Disability Tax Credits and related programs.

Ryan Knight, Detailing Knights: Detailing Knights offers an eco-aware detailing model that reduces water waste by 99%. Its core social impact is empowering youth through an innovative franchising system focused on a network of car cleaning detailers that are running their own business and gaining valuable experiences that they can use in any career path they choose.

Gavin Reid, Lucky Iron Fish: The Lucky Iron Fish™ is a simple, affordable, culturally accepted health innovation. Cooking or boiling water with an iron ingot cast in the shape of a fish (which is a Cambodian symbol for luck) every day allows iron to leach into the water where it can be absorbed. One fish at $5 provides iron for the entire family for 10 years.

Amanda Minuk, B MeaningfulB meaningful is for the corporate dreamer who wants to use their skills for good.  They are a career site that connects professionals and companies looking to make a difference; one’s single source for everything there is to know about meaningful work.

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