Support An Impact Entrepreneur: SSEO

Support An Impact Entrepreneur: SSEO

Here are just a few of the 30 amazing impact entrepreneurs you can help send to ImpactOntario by joining our campaign today!

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Najeeb Khan
Najeeb’s mission is to further the cause of charities in Canada by better connecting charities and donors to each another. He is the founder of both of Chaara Fund Foundation and Toronto Bangladeshi Sports Organization.

Elmira Reisi, Parallel FutureZ
Parallel FutureZ is shifting climate change narratives by creating a space to fully experience and interact with future environmental possibilities for local communities. This project brings artifacts from the futures to the present, empowering communities to design and make the desired future scenario today.

Anna Kostecka, Young Immigrant Professionals (YIP) Network:
YIP facilitates opportunities for a community of diverse, passionate, global and civic-minded young immigrants who want to contribute to economic prosperity, social justice and environmental sustainability in Canada and beyond.

Kim Adlard, OneAccessSpace – A Digital Resource for People Affected by Cancer. OneAccessSpace (OAS) is an initiative aimed at facilitating knowledge, support options, resources and communities amongst people living with and impacted by cancer in the Toronto area.

Claire Dunn, Trophies in Action (TiA)
TiA is a for-profit digital social enterprise that remakes the world of trophies. Rather than buy cheaply made, single-use trophies that create landfill, TiA offers teams and clubs the chance to create fun, environmentally friendly Virtual Trophies on our website. Part of the low user fee will go towards supporting grassroots sports programs in developing countries.

Robert Labossiere
Robert is a veteran of the non-profit sector who believes social enterprise offers a better way, by building “profit centres” under the umbrella of the non-profit corporation. His proposed project will test the concept quite literally; it hopes to create a hydroponic market garden inside the spacious sanctuary of a downtown Toronto church.

Leon Mirmanis, Date/Ability
Date/Ability is the premier social hub and dating website for people with disabilities and their allies; It is reliable, fully adaptable and user friendly for any type of disability, and offers protection and trust for vulnerable people. Date/Ability is the best online venue to meet individuals with or without a disability for friendship or romantic relationships 

Shaneeza Nazseer, Business for Good
Business for Good demystifies social enterprise for Canadian charities as a means to generate earned income and reduce dependency on government and short-term funding. We aim to complement existing resources for charities pursuing social enterprise with access to expert business development, project management, tax and legal support.

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