SVX Welcomes Third Cohort of Issuers!

SVX Welcomes Third Cohort of Issuers!

Our local impact investing market just got bigger. Ontario is now home to 22 impact ventures and funds raising capital on Social Venture Connexion (SVX) with the announcement of six new organizations to join the SVX platform on Thursday, June 5th!

SVX is a registered, online impact investing platform connecting impact ventures and funds with investors seeking impact alongside the potential for financial return. SVX aims to increase access to capital for organizations are using market-driven innovations to solve pressing social and environmental challenges. These solutions include innovations to combat climate change, improve health outcomes and increase access to sustainable and local food.

Our Third Cohort
Six new ventures and funds completed the rigorous application and review process this month.  You can learn about the new cohort of impact ventures and funds below.

CHAR Technologies

CHAR Technologies is commercializing SulfaCHAR to solve a $1 billion global problem caused by toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) found in renewable biogas. SulfaCHAR is a patented, activated charcoal-like product, which is made from a renewable by-product, and is extremely efficient at removing H2S from biogas. H2S is a significant operational challenge for biogas producers (anaerobic digesters and landfills), and SulfaCHAR effectively removes this contaminant and converts it to beneficial forms of sulfur. Therefore once SulfaCHAR is used up as a cleaning agent, it has further use in agricultural or horticultural applications, creating a truly zero-waste solution.

Eve Medical

Eve Medical has developed HerSwab, a device that enables women to self-collect samples to screen for cervical cancer, as well as other STIs. Cervical cancer is preventable with proper screening, yet more than 275,000 women die from it every year. By enabling women to collect their own sample, HerSwab can increase screening uptake and follow-up, and reduce mortality. This can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for healthcare payers.

Fresh City Farms

Fresh City is a city farm based right in Toronto. They deliver a fresh, local produce bag right to your door all year round. Our produce is organically grown. We prioritize local, work with fair trade suppliers and use minimal packaging.


GrantBook helps grantmakers and their networks thrive in the digital world. GrantBook is a social purpose business specializing in the procurement, implementation and management of cloud-based tools that help grantmakers and their networks maintain a digital workplace. GrantBook offers expertise and proactive support as its clients take the important steps to transition some or all of their operations to the cloud.

QoC Health

QoC Health enables patient centered care with mobile solutions, new service delivery models, and cloud computing. QoC has developed a healthcare API (or digital spine) on which health tools are added. So far, three tools are on the market in the areas of post-surgery discharge monitoring, transitions in care, and decision aids.

Southbridge Capital


The Southbridge Health Care LP is focused primarily on the acquisition and redevelopment of long term care beds in the province of Ontario. The Southbridge Health Care LP helps care for our most vulnerable (and growing) demographic as it seeks to improve the living conditions for 60,000 seniors over the next 25 years.

For more information about SVX, including how you can access the platform as an impact venture, fund, investor or service provider, please visit and check out the SVX Investor Manual and SVX Issuer Manual.

[N.B. This is not a solicitation of funds for investment. SVX does not endorse any ventures or funds featured on the platform, and investment opportunities are only available to qualified, accredited investors based in Ontario. The SVX platform is only accessible by ventures incorporated in Ontario. The SVX is registered as a restricted dealer with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) as MaRS VX and adheres to all relevant and applicable securities legislation; it is incorporated as a non-profit corporation.]


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