is pleased to host the third annual Social Finance Awards.  The awards are presented to leaders who are playing a pivotal role in catalyzing the Canadian social finance marketplace. These awards were conceptualized to showcase and celebrate the efforts that individuals and organizations are making to mobilize private capital for public good.

After a slew of amazing nominees, the four Social Finance Award winners for 2013 were:

Building on the momentum from two successful years, will present the following award in 2014:

The Social Finance Innovator Award

The transformative potential of social finance is deeply rooted in its ability to mobilize the resources of traditionally fragmented sectors towards a common vision of social or environmental good. Investors and social entrepreneurs both play a key role in ensuring the advancement of the social finance landscape in Canada. We are therefore excited to announce this year’s innovator award for the “Moving Money that Matters” in the Canadian social finance landscape.

The Innovator Award will be awarded to an organization or initiative that has created (or demonstrated the potential for creating) positive social or environmental impact through an innovative transfer of capital. The Innovator Award will be bestowed to both the funder and the capital recipient involved in this transaction.

What does “Movement of Money that Matters” look like?

The “Movement of Money that Matters” is to be defined as a flow of capital or direct investment into a company or organization with the intention to create positive impact. The investment must be a direct investment into an impact venture. The investor must also have the intent to receive a social or environmental and financial return on the investment.

The winning movement of money will include an agreement between an investor and organization to create outstanding impact and apply innovative strategy to their financial model. An investor who has also created a catalytic affect for others to invest into the organization and developed is an added bonus.

We are looking for investors that demonstrate the commitment and investment in an organization to achieve durable and scalable impact within their common vision for social or environmental change. The investor should also take into consideration and try to take part in making a direct impact and contribute towards the organizations success.

There is no time limit for this award (nominated deals can have been made from anytime up to the present), so please feel free to nominate any Canadian impact investment deal you’ve come across over the years which has showcased “moving money that matters”!

Get Involved!

In addition to being an opportunity to highlight the innovative work happening in the social finance sector, The Social Finance Awards are a chance for the social finance community in Canada to engage with one another and share our exciting, uplifting, world-changing stories!

  1. Nominate an individual or organization for an award. We are now accepting nominations for all award categories. The nomination form should only take a few minutes to fill out (as long as you have the contact information for the nominee organization/individual handy), so nominate yourself or your peers today! If you have any trouble with the nomination form, email us your nomination instead!
  2. Join the team. We’re looking for writers with a passion for social finance to profile Award finalists. These folks will get to sit down with some of the best and brightest in Social Finance in Canada, gain insight into their motivations, challenges and successes—and then share their stories! Sound good? Email Managing Editor, Jared Walker to get involved!
  3. Follow the progress of the awards. Like us on Facebook, follow the conversation @socialfinance and #SFawards on Twitter, and stop by frequently over the next few months to stay up-to-date with all the award progress. Throughout this period, we’ll be announcing the Innovator Award judges, highlighting finalists and letting you know when you will have a chance to vote!

Editor’s Note: There are many members of our team, without whom the SF Awards could not happen. However, I’d like to single out our friend and summer intern, Allan Thai. In addition to a number of other responsibilities, he put his shoulder to the wheel and made sure we got this train out of the station! Forgive the mixed metaphor there! Also, we’d like to thank our former Interim Managing Editor, Ellen Martin, who came back around to give us a hand (or two, or three) again.