SocialFinance.ca is a program of the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing. We are proud to be a leading online community and information hub for social finance and impact investing in Canada. Established in 2008 by social finance pioneers Karim Harji and Michael Lewkowitz, SocialFinance.ca brings together the voices of social finance practitioners and thought leaders across the country and internationally. The vision of SocialFinance.ca is a world in which the innovations and resources of finance are harnessed to produce positive social, environmental and commercial advancements. Our mission is to catalyze and sustain a robust social finance marketplace in Canada.

SocialFinance.ca has four objectives: 

  • To support the community of people and organizations helping to make Canada a global leader in social finance
  • To promote learning through the sharing of best practices, success stories and challenges in advancing social finance
  • To provide information and analysis on the key issues related to social finance in Canada and internationally
  • To engage investors, entrepreneurs and enablers in open discussion on the potential for social finance as an enabler for change

SocialFinance.ca is currently operated out of the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing office in Toronto, Ont.

SF.ca supports leading conferences in the field of impact investing and social finance to provide marketing and online media coverage services. Our clients include:

  • SOCAP: Social Capital Markets 2009-2014 (San Francisco, USA)
  • SOCAP Europe 2011-2012 (Malmö, Sweden)
  • Social Enterprise World Forum 2012-2013 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & Calgary, Canada)
  • Partnering for Global Impact 2012-2013 (Lugano, Switzerland)
  • FIESS 2011 (Montreal, Canada)
  • Toronto International Microfinance Summit 2011-2014 (Toronto, Canada)
  • Social Innovation & Global Ethics Forum 2014 (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Canadian Responsible Investment Conference 2014 (Toronto, Canada)

SF.ca also hosts regular webinars, in-person events and thought leadership discussions through Social Finance Connects.

You are welcome to contact us to provide your input into the development of social finance in Canada and globally.