Task Force on Social Finance

A Task Force on Social Finance (TFSF) has been assembled by Social Innovation Generation, a national project partnered with the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, seeking to fundamentally alter the way we think about investing and philanthropy in Canada. This group will examine the considerable work done to date and prioritize the key levers for change.

The TFSF’s mandate is to deliver recommendations that will ignite the development of an investment marketplace dedicated to addressing Canada’s social and environmental challenges.

The group will recommend that federal and provincial governments, foundations, and institutional investors take actions to:

  • Unleash new source of capital;
  • Develop needed support infrastructure, intermediaries and policy; and
  • Build the pipeline of entrepreneurial ventures with social and/or environmental impact.

The recommendations will aim to benefit non-profits, charities, co-operatives and for-profits that achieve their primary social or environmental mission using business methods.

The TFSF has set out to play a catalytic role in accelerating and raising awareness around social finance in Canada.

Progress Report, December 2011: Download Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good – Measuring Progress During Year One [PDF]

Contact: For more information about the Task Force on Social Finance, please email (taskforce@socialfinance.ca).

SocialFinance.ca is pleased to serve as the online repository for information and discussions about the Task Force.