Social Finance Awards

The Social Finance Awards is an annual award series presented to leaders who are playing a pivotal role in catalyzing the Canadian social finance marketplace.

  • Social Finance Innovator Award

    An annual people’s choice award that recognizes trailblazing innovators in the Canadian social finance landscape based on a theme selected by

    This year’s theme is “Most Promising Collaboration” in the Canadian social finance landscape.

    The transformative potential of social finance is deeply rooted in its ability to mobilize the resources of traditionally fragmented sectors towards a common vision of social or environmental good.

    Collaboration is the key driver of social finance and is necessary in order to scale the marketplace in Canada.

    The award winner will be a collaboration:

    Involving partners from different sectors: for example, across sectors such as government-private-community or across sub-sectors such as agriculture-housing-health, mobilizing capital for societal good.
    The judges will look for collaborations that demonstrate the commitment and investment of all partners in achieving durable and scalable impact within their common vision for social or environmental change.

    Whether the collaboration brings together unconventional partners, or has the partners working together in a new and innovative way, it will be a leading example of the type of collaborative work necessary for the growth of the social finance marketplace in Canada.

  • Social Finance Excellence Awards

    A series of awards that will recognize players who have demonstrated a strong commitment to building the social finance sector in Canada.  The winner of each award will be determined by based on a predetermined set of data-based criteria.

    The Social Finance Excellence Awards will be presented in the following three categories;

    • Excellence in Community Development: awarded to a financial player (fund, community development financial institution, credit union, etc.), that has made a significant impact in community development through the deployment of capital in impact investments 
    • Excellence in Mission Investing: awarded to a foundation which has demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance recommendation of capital deployment to mission related investments 
    • Excellence in Sector Talent Building: awarded to a Canadian educational institution which has demonstrated a commitment to developing new sector talent and expertise through offerings in social finance


  • The Award Process

    Nominations are open to the public for the Social Finance Excellence Awards categories. Submit your nomination today! Deadline: November 15th, 2013.

    Nominations for the Innovator Award are now closed. All nominees for the Innovator Award will be required to submit a supplementary information form regarding their nomination.


    Nominees for the Innovator Award will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The judging panel will score each nominee based on the Award criteria. This score will make up 30% of the final score. Nominee applications will also be reviewed by a panel of staff. This score will make up 20% of a nominee's final score.

    For the Social Finance Excellence Awards, submissions will be reviewed and evaluated based on the Award criteria. The final score will be determined by a panel of

    Public Voting

    Voting will open November 6th, 2013! A period of public voting will open November 6th, 2013 and remain open until December 4th, 2013 at 11:59 pm. During this time, the public will have an opportunity to review the nominees for the Social Finance Innovator Award and vote for a nominee once per computer. The scores from the public voting period will determine 50% of the nominee's final score.


    Award winners will be announced December 5th at an evening celebration.