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    The public policy and regulatory frameworks affecting social finance in Canada and abroad.

  • Global Social Finance

    A look at the top trends, emerging issues and leading perspectives in social finance from around the world.

  • Social Finance 101

    The fundamentals of social finance, including emerging finance tools, models and structures.

  • GI

    Green Investment

    Opportunities and trends in green sectors including renewable energy, water, and sustainable food.

  • CD

    Community Development

  • Social Finance Tools

    Perspectives on emerging social finance tools and models of investment #crowdfunding #SIB #microfinance

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Insights for social entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital and grow their impact.

  • Featured Series

    Trending topics and events in social finance.

  • IM

    Impact Measurement

    Perspectives on emerging impact measurement tools and metrics, and hub for the Canadian Certified B-Corporation movement.