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Meet 10 Women in Social Finance

When it comes to Social Finance, Canada has been leading the way with women’s leadership for more than three decades. Recently, the world has turned its attention to the impact that women can have in business.

For Canada, women have been at the forefront of the field for over 30 years. While the rest of the world is just waking up, Canada has been ahead of the curve, achieving our aims and improving things for society long before people realized the ‘need’ for women to lead, to be on boards, to innovate and create whole systems of change.

A documentary, SKIRTS! Canadian Women in Social Finance, is planned to show Canada’s long history in social finance, a long cultural history that is over-shadowed by the US and the UK. While all over the world, people are being told how important it is to put women in leadership positions, here in Canada, we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years!

Canada’s Social Finance history is actually a HERstory and the 10 women in the film -Tessa Hebb, Nancy Neatman, Donna Morton, Bonnie Foley-Wong, Carol Newell, Barb McInnes, Tonya Surman, Nora Sobolov, Ruth Richardson and Mary McGrath are wonderful, committed, creative, effective and brilliant women who achieved the ‘firsts’ in their fields. They will be contributing their time as coaches for anyone who chooses that perk in the Indiegogo campaign.

Each of these 10 women held a vision that sparked a change that led to where we are now. They are our history and our present, and through their stories they make it possible for us to go forward.

At the Social Finance Forum in 2014, we gave awards at the Women in Leadership Ceremony. Four of the ten women in the film received awards. While watching the women onstage, I realized that they were not recognized often enough, that their fantastic achievements, so instrumental in building a bright and beautiful future for Canadians, was not being highlighted, noted or lauded. I now have a chance to tell their stories and our’s through the Indiegogo campaign to fund the film. These women have worked to convince people to invest millions and millions of dollars to benefit society. Now that’s a story worth telling.

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